What are the best nude mods for PC games?

With so many contenders, we were spoiled for choice. It was hard work, but we did it – here is our best nude mods ranking.

First on our list is Borderlands 2, because nothing can compare to a good set of Maya or Moxxi boobs. These mods are available for downloading all over the Internet. Don’t wait!

Mass Effect – 3
We don’t mean Mass Effect: Andromeda – enough has been said about the poor animation quality, so we don’t need to pitch in. There were some pretty bad ones in Mass Effect 3 as well, to be fair, but our memories of the nude mods have erased all negativity. There are many options, which is what’s most important.

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy fans have found some nude mods that just cannot be un-seen, like the Camelia Claustra design. Sadly, this doesn’t go for all of them.



Fallout 3
This one is unique in that it features both genders, giving males the attention they deserve in this respect. No matter what you’re looking for in this game, you’ll certainly find it.

Dead or Alive
All these games are basically nude, so it doesn’t seem like the mods would be anything special. Still, we’ve featured Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball on our list because it’s got all the characteristics of a Dead or Alive game we’re fans of with some much-appreciated extras. This is not one for those desiring subtlety by any means.



This is an unexpected entry on the list of best nude PC game models. Created by a Tumblr user, this is practically an entirely new game only loosely based on its eponymous forerunner. There’s plenty of nudity, and more. The perfect choice for those looking for something a little bit more retro – H-DOOM will not disappoint by any means.

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