What are the Best Big Boob Mods for Skyrim

Some of us like to see our big busts on big tits porn, some of us like to watch it on TV, some in magazines, some on their PC or phones, but some of us, some of us want to watch busty chicks in Skyrim. For those of us, and those should be you since you clicked on this article, that like busty Skyrim chicks, there are many mods available, however which ones are the best? Today, we’ll show you exactly that, THESE are the best big boob mods for Elder Scrolls 5, Skyrim.

HDT preset for big boobs
This is probably the most well-known and quality big boob mod for skyrim. The textures are good, as is the whole design of the mod, it doesn’t make them ‘too’ big so to speak. The mod is varied and offers a LOT of customization, once you’ve downloaded it, it won’t be difficult to figure out why so many people love and swear by this particular mod as the best big boob mod for Elder Scrolls 5, Skyrim.

If you’re looking for a mod to start with, this is great, as it’s easy to install, easy to use and is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to this.

Sexy Tsuns Armor Mashup
This one is a bit different from the last one in that it heavily appeals to an anime aesthetic, now for some this may be a plus for others it might be something they hate; however a definite certainty is that this mod makes those titties MASSIVE.  This is another polarizing thing, however we believe that it’s better to have something which some people love others hate, then something everyone is lukewarm to.

Those would be the best two mods in our opinion, however there is an absolute trove of these on the internet, so share with us, what are your favorites? What’s so good about them, show us some new mods possibly, maybe some you made yourself, you can show those off in the comments. Until next time!